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Become MSSC member:

Click "join us" to take you to the club registration form. Please note that the new membership year begins in June. If you join in-between that time your fee may be reduced.

Becoming a member means that you can use our skating facilities and join club trainings at a discounted rate. You maybe obligated to volunteer with running fundraising skating discos or events depending on your club registration type. If you have any further questions please reach out to">

Want to compete?

To compete you must be federated under NZFR. The price list and class type will be linked here. And to register click here

Checkout the competition schedule for artistic skating 


Talk to one of your coaches about wanting to start your competitive journey 

and they will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Need new skates?

Hire skates are great to start. However, as you start to learn and progress, its important to be able to edge and turn with ease. Hire skates are designed to be used commercially and there is no room for adjustments to actions/wheels or toe stoppers. We recommend investing in a good pair fit for your level. Talk to the team at Skaters Edge   or if you're looking for a more recreational pair for casual skating check out The Seed Project. 

Again, talk to your coach about your skates they will be able to talk you through the anatomy of the skate and how to maintain and take care of your skates. 

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